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You can order the standard QSL cards from Champ QSL
"start at 1000 cards at 2,200 Bt with free 200 cards."

In order to get this price of card print, we require 8 people or 8 design with 8000 QSL card print.

Quanlity of the QSL card as follow:

  • The QSL cards print with full colour front and one colour reverse side.
  • We printed on high quality paper of 170g.
  • The front side is Gloss UV Laminated.
  • We can help you for free with the design of your QSL card (no extra costs).
  • There is no limit on the each card of photo's or logo's that you use.
  • You receive always a QSL proof by email.
  • We have really no hidden costs.
  • The QSL cards will send by Postoffice no extra charge for ship in Thailand.

If you still have any questions, please ask and contact us via email at e21eic@arrl.net

Iit's a pleasure to help you with the design of your QSL card. Only send us your information by letter or email. Explain to us your idea and we will make it for you. When the design is ready, you will receive a proof by email for a check-up.

If there are changes to make please let us know and we will correct the proof until you are satisfied. Then, when everything is okay, the cards will be printed. The pictures that we have to use for your card, can always be send by email. We always check the quality of the picture.

It is better to send pictures in high quality. We can receive them up to 5 MB in 1 email. If you have more than one big picture, it's better to send them in a few emails.

Maybe you are creative yourself and you want to make your own card? It's possible. Just send us the file then we print it.

QSL card Type


4+1 – double sided, printed with full color at front and one color at back, glossy at front side QSL cards.

1000 card / 2,200 Bt. (Free 100 cards)


2+0 – two colors at one side QSL cards.

1000 card / 1,200 Bt.

Champ QSL sample
click at images to see actual size - Click here to look more card

Champ QSL sample
click at images to see actual size - Click here to look more card



note: Price exclude shipping charges if shipment ship out from Thailand click here to ask for shiping charge


Champ C. Muangamphun, E21EIC/
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